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  • Chemical Products (001)
  • Paint Products (002)
  • Cosmetics and Cleaning Products (003)
  • Lubricant and Fuel Products (004)
  • Pharmaceutical Products (005)
  • Metal Products (006)
  • Machinery Products (007)
  • Hand Tool Products (008)
  • Computer and Software Products and Electrical and Scientific Products (009)
  • Medical Instrument Products (010)
  • Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking) (011)
  • Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water (012)
  • Firearm Products (013)
  • Jewelry Products (014)
  • Musical Instrument Products (015)
  • Paper and Printed Material Products (016)
  • Rubber Products (017)
  • Leather Products (not including clothing) (018)
  • Non-Metallic Building Material Products (019)
  • Furniture Products (020)
  • Houseware and Glass Products (021)
  • Ropes, Cordage and Fiber Products (022)
  • Yarns and Threads (023)
  • Fabrics and Textile Products (024)
  • Clothing and Apparel Products (025)
  • Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods (026)
  • Floor Covering Products (027)
  • Toys and Sporting Goods Products (028)
  • Meat and Processed Food Products (029)
  • Staple Food Products (030)
  • Natural Agricultural Products (031)
  • Light Beverage Products (032)
  • Wines and Spirits (not including beers) (033)
  • Smoker's Products (034)
  • Advertising, Business and Retail Services (035)
  • Insurance and Financial Services (036)
  • Construction and Repair Services (037)
  • Communication Services (038)
  • Transportation and Storage Services (039)
  • Treatment and Processing of Materials Services (040)
  • Education and Entertainment Services (041)
  • Computer and Software Services and Scientific Services (042)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Services (043)
  • Medical and Beauty Services and Agricultural Services (044)
  • Personal, Legal and Social Services (045)



Yes, our search engine is alphanumeric so search results will also show any TM's that have any form of punctuation in them as well as non punctuation


YOUR SEARCH (no punctuation) = LETS GET ROCKED

RESULT 1 = LET'S GET ROCKED (with punctuation)

RESULT 2 = LETS GET ROCKED (non punctuation)


nb: above example is assuming both results are live trademarks


This function is very important for Amazon MBA/KDP sellers. This is the same way the USPTO TM search works. Most modules or extensions do not have this function so be very careful it can land you in hot water

"Live" refers to the current status of the registration of the mark with the USPTO, new trademark applications are in a Live status until either approved or unapproved.


"Dead" status for a trademark application or registration means that specific application or registration is no longer under prosecution within the USPTO and so forth does not recognise it.

Enter one keyword/phrase per line using an asterisk as a wildcard character. You enter a phrase inserting an asterisk instead of a word, which will be replaced by any word that will make the full phrase a trademarked phrase.


i.e. IN * WE TRUST
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